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      Alex Milani from More Green Times

      Hi! My name is Alex Milani, and for as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by nature and the world around me.

      Nature has been a big part of my life in so many ways, and yet I feel I have also played a part in the damage that we all see being done to it.

      As a student, I would think nothing of buying a cheap graphic t-shirt and only wearing it a few times. I would then go and get something new when it was no longer in fashion.

      Part of me was shutting off my senses to how these types of fast fashion products were made and produced. When my wife said something that got me thinking, it changed my life.

      She was the one who got across to me the importance of things other than style, quality, and affordability. I learned from her outlook that finding out how the products you bring into your life are made and manufactured matters just as much.

      Before long I decided to turn my back on fast fashion and throwaway consumer culture and never look back. It’s a journey that’s led me to create More Green Times — a brand that’s all about doing the right thing in every possible way.

      My dream is to grow and grow. That way when you want to treat yourself, you always have a choice that’s natural, ethical, and sustainable.

      My purpose

      I believe that companies exist to serve people and the world, and not the other way around. We're a small and independent business doing our bit to reduce our environmental impact. Every item you purchase plants a tree, thanks to our partnership with nonprofit organizations.

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